Responsibility matrix templates

How do you create a responsibility matrix? What are 4 examples of responsibilities?

There are several types of Responsibility Matrices. The most famous one is RACI and consist of the following 4 components:

Check out these Responsibility Management templates and find one that meets your company or industry needs! By working with a Responsibility Matrix Template, you are able to manage the company in a better way. This is because you are already understanding the tasks and activities you are having. By knowing and dividing the responsibilities, you are able to anticipate and manage them.

Alternative responsibility matrices are: RASCI model (RASIC), CAIRO, RACI-VS , DACI, et.

As a responsible person or company, you must carry out, and regularly review by performing a general responsibility assessment. This will make sure you timely identify and prevent issues from happening.

Check out below responsibility matrices and download the one that is most suitable for your project or organization.

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