USA Official Ballot Presidential Elections 2020

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Are you following the Presidential Elections in USA and like to know how the original Election Ballot of November 3rd, 2020 looks like? Download this sample official general election ballot now!

November 3 is Presidential election day in the USA for Federal and State offices. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the sample ballot of this election before you go to vote. As you all know, in this election the choice will be made between Donald J. Trump (Michael R. Pence), Joseph R. Biden (with Kamala D. Harris), for the next president of the USA before you go vote.

Sample preview:
"To vote, blacken the Oval (O) next to the candidate of your choice. To vote for a person whose name is not on the ballot, manually WRITE his or her name in the write-in section and blacken the Oval
next to the write-in section. lf you desire to vote YES or NO or a PROPOSED QUESTION, blacken the corresponding Oval (O). Use only blue or black pen or pencil.

Do not vote for more candidates than the number allowed or each specific office. Do not cross out or erase. lf you erase or make other marks on the ballot or tear the ballot, your vote may not count

if you change your mind or make a mistake, you may return the ballot by writing "Spoiled" across the face of the ballot and return the envelope. You may then mail the spoiled ballot back to your county board of registrars, and you will be issued another official absentee ballot Alternatively, you may surrender the ballot the poll manager of an early voting site within your county or the precinct to which you are assigned. You will then be permitted to vote a regular ballot.

"I understand that the offer for acceptance of money or any other object of value to vale tor any particular candidate, list of candidates, issue, or list of issues included in this election constitutes an act of voter fraud and is a felony under state law.

For President of the United States 2020
(Vote for One)

0  DONALD J. TRUMP - President 
    MICHAEL R. PENCE- Vice President 

JOSEPH R. BIDEN -  President
    KAMALA D. HARRIS- Vice President Democrat

    JEREMY "SPIKE" COHEN- Vice President

How does the USA voting system work?
During the USA Presidential elections, the US citizens head to the polls to cast their vote for their President. The interesting part is that the tally of all those votes (the most popular vote) does not determine who will be the winner. Instead, the USA General elections use the Electoral College. To win the election, a candidate must receive a majority of electoral votes. It's therefore very important to win in those 'swinging' states, they will determine who will be the new president.

We provide this sample USA official general elections ballot template for your information. Download it directly.

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