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Searching for a professional reseller agreement template? Download this extensive template today! It includes 13 pages with in total 27 articles that include:

  1. Appointment of Reseller,
  2. Orders,
  3. Delivery Of Products,
  4. Product Materials,
  5. Acceptance and Rejection of Product Deliveries,
  6. Change Products,
  7. Price,
  8. Payment of List Prices,
  9. Taxes,
  10. Interest on Late Payments,
  11. Term,
  12. Representations,
  13. Limited Warranties,
  14. No Other Warranties,
  15. Intellectual Property,
  16. Reseller Responsibilities,
  17. License Grants,
  18. Compliance with Laws,
  19. Confidentiality Obligations,
  20. Publicity,
  21. Inspection and Audit of Books and Records,
  22. Termination,
  23. Effect of Termination,
  24. Indemnification,
  25. Limitation of Liability,
  26. Definitions, and
  27. General Provisions.

You are in the resale market when you, as a company or individual merchant, buy goods or services in order to sell them in turn (trading). This calls for a retail/distribution agreement with the original seller/supplier.

Why do you want or need a Reseller Agreement?
Like any Buy-Sell Agreement, the reseller agreement will seek to authorize you to sell something that you have already purchased legally. Your typical Sales Agreement will come with its own terms and conditions and sometimes even usage restrictions in regard to the commodity.

How Can I Use this extensive reseller Word template?
Every kind of Vendor Agreement will have to provide for the specific relationship between the wholesaler (or product licensor) and the reseller (or retailer). 

This document includes 27 articles that might or might not relate directly to your own situation. Therefor feel free to adjust the template to your own situation. We advice to always verify the final contract you will sign by a specialist. It is always recommended to have a lawyer go through the terms and conditions to make sure your specific needs and considerations are being met.

Nothing on this site shall be considered legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is established.

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