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with masseter muscle skin angle of mouth • draws corner of lip laterally • tense of lips • synergist of zygomaticus Facial molar region of maxilla and mandible orbicularis oris • draws corner of mouth laterally • compresses cheek (sucking) • holds food between teeth during chewing Facial body of mandible below incisors skin muscle angle of mouth (below insertion of zygomaticus) • draws corner of mouth laterally downward • antagonist of zygomaticus Facial body and mandible lateral to its midline skin muscle of lower lip • draws lower lip inferiorly (pout) Facial arises directly from maxilla mandible encircles mouth inserts into muscle skin angles of mouth • closes lips • purses and protrues lips • kissing whistling Facial lower margin of mandible, and skin muscle corner of mouth • depresses mandible • pulls lower lip back down Facial 12 Zygomaticus major 13 Risorius 14 MOUTH MOVERS Buccinator 15 Depressor anguli oris 16 Depressor labii inferioris 17 Orbicularis oris 18 Platysma 19 fascia of chest (over pectoral muscle deltoid) ACTION NERVE 11 12 13 15 14 18 17 16 19 NAME Masseter 20 Temporalis ORIGIN MANDIBLE MOVERS 22 Lateral pterygoid 23 NAME Genioglossus TONGUE MOVERS 24 Styloglossus 25 ACTION NERVE zygomatic arch and maxilla angle ramus of mandible • prime mover of jaw closure • elevates mandible Trigeminal temporal fossa coronoid process of mandible • closes jaw • elevates retracts mandible • synergist of pterygoids • maintains position of mandible at rest Trigeminal •synergist of temporalis masseter in elevation of the mandible • act with lateral pterygoid muscle to protrude mandible of to promote side-to-side movements (grinding) Trigeminal 21 Medial pterygoid INSERTION medial surface of medial surface of lateral pterygoid plate mandible near its of sphenoid bone, angle maxilla palatine bone greater wing lateral condyle of mandible pterygoid plate of and capsule of temsphenoid bone poromandibular joint ORIGIN INSERTION internal surface of mandible near symph

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