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How to make a professional Master Procurement Agreement? Are you in procurement and in need for a Master Procurement Agreement, to be signed between the Client and the Procurement company? Download this professional Master Procurement Agreement now!

Don't look any further. Download this Master Procurement Agreement immediately to your inbox or hard drive. It will give you less pressure, prevents you from overtime, and enables you to craft and finish a professional Procurement contract in a short time.This will be appreciated by your colleagues, boss or other stakeholders. We provide a lot of professional and suitable templates for professional users. 

The following articles are included in this 12 pages Master Procurement Agreement:

  • definitions of the Parties Supplier and Client;
  • representatives
  • agreement objective(s)
  • non-exclusivity
  • statement of work (SOW)
  • issuance and acceptance of purchase orders
  • purchase order alterations
  • the client forecast
  • the products
  • rate & fees
  • modifications to prices
  • payment
  • taxes
  • title
  • risk of loss
  • delivery
  • transportation of the product
  • client's responsibilities
  • client's support
  • required permits, licenses
  • product warranty
  • warranty period
  • warranty support
  • warranty returns
  • disclaimer of warranties
  • confidential information
  • restrictions of use
  • exclusions from confidential information
  • survival
  • trademarks
  • term and termination
  • dispute resolution
  • other provisions
  • governing law
  • independent Agreementor
  • severability
  • waiver
  • notice
  • force majeure
  • assignment
  • subcontractors
  • counterparts
  • signatures

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