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Instead of starting from scratch, you have now direct access to useful ready-made letters, forms, plans, resumes, contracts, presentations, infographics, etc. that can be opened in various kinds of software, such as: Google Apps (Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets) and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or PDF readers.

  • ChatGPT AI Prompts

    How do I prompt in Chat GPT? If you want to use ChatGPT in education or to use ChatGPT to make money, download these common terms and questions for ChatGPT prompts template here

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  • AI Prompts

    Easily create complex AI images with prompts. How to make A.I. from command prompt that gets results? Have you ever tried to add AI prompts in Midjourney like 'crepuscular clouds' or 'twilight'? Download this AI prompts template now.

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  • AI cover letter template

    How do you write an engaging AI Artist Cover Letter when you are applying for a new job? Download this AI Artist Cover Letter now!

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  • AI Job Description

    How to write a Job Description for an AI artist or designer? Remember to use clear and concise language, avoid jargon, and make the job description engaging and

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  • AI CV Template

    How to write a Curriculum Vitae for AI Designer Curriculum Vitae (CV) Template? The epitome of style and innovation for aspiring designers like you!

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  • AI Designer Statement

    How to write a statement for an AI artist? Are you savvy with Midjourney, Nightcafe, Dalle AI etc, and you want to have a professional statement? Download this AI Statement now.

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  • Pantone Matching System Color Chart

    How to create a Pantone Matching System Color Chart? Download this Pantone Matching System Color Chart template now!

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  • Adobe AI Cheatsheet for Toolbar and Windows

    troducing the AI Cheat Sheet for Toolbar and Windows Template: Streamline Your Creative Workflow. Download our AI Adobe Software Cheatsheet Template today

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