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How to use a Blood Sugar Chart? What is the normal range for blood sugar? How do I track my blood sugar levels?

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Blood Sugar (Glucose) Testing Table 1 Reason for Blood Sugar (Glucose) Testing Safety Improve sugar control Adjust the insulin dosage Manage illnesses Understand the effects of various foods, insulin doses, exercise or stress Discriminate a rapid fall in blood sugar from a truly low blood sugar value Know the blood sugar level immediately Sense of control Indicate a need to test for urine or blood ketones Managing illness: Being able to check blood sugars at home when a person is sick (or before or after surgery) allows for safe management at home.. A food with sugar must be given for a “true-low” whereas other food may be given (e.g., cheese, peanut butter) for a “false-low.” Figure 2 Blood Sugar Level in mg/dl (mmol/L) Stomachache Difficulty Breathing HIGH 200-400 (11.1-Low Energy Under 5 years 70-180 (3.9-10.0) 12 years and up LOW below 60 (below 3.3) True-Low Fine Sweating Hunger Shakiness NON-DIABETIC NORMAL VALUES FOR CHILDREN 70-100 (3.9-5.5) Normal (fasting) 70-130 (3.9-7.3) Normal (random) The DirecNet Study Group showed that approximately 95 percent of values for non-diabetic children are in this range.. back of calf Table 3 Common Problems Causing Inaccurate Blood Sugar Test Results Finger is not clean and dry (sugar on finger will raise result alcohol or water will interfere) Adding more blood after the first drop has been put on pad (now ok for some meters) Meter parts are dirty (e.g., with dried blood) Codes on strips and meters are not matched (some meters now read the codes automatically) Too small a drop of blood on pad Strips have expired Strips have been exposed to heat ( 90º, e.g., left in hot car) or frozen (e.g., left in cold car) Chapter 7 – Blood Sugar (Glucose) Testing 55 Table 4 Desired Features of Blood Glucose Meters Accurate (in environment where it is to be used) Storage of at least the last 100 values Able to be download here.

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