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Do you receive Goods in return? Do you need a Goods Return Form in Excel to keep track of these returns? A Goods Return Form template is essential to keep track of these returns. It should include details of the goods being returned, the reason for the return, and the expected date of delivery. Download this Excel Goods Return Form template now! 

A Goods Return Form, also known as a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Form, is a document used by businesses to facilitate the return of goods or products by customers or clients. This form serves as a formal request and authorization for returning items that may be defective, damaged, unwanted, or for other valid reasons. It helps streamline the return process by providing essential information about the return, including the reason for the return, product details, and return authorization.

Here are the common elements typically found in a Goods Return Form:

  1. Customer Information:
    • Customer's name and contact information, including phone number and email address.
    • Customer account or order number, if applicable.
  2. Return Authorization (RMA) Number:
    1. A unique identifier or reference number is assigned to the return request. This number helps track and manage the return within the business's system.
  3. Date of Request:
    • The date when the return request is initiated.
  4. Reason for Return:
    • A section where the customer specifies the reason for returning the goods. Common reasons include defective products, incorrect items received, damaged during shipping, or simply an unwanted item.
  5. Product Details:
    • Description of the returned products, including the name, quantity, model, or SKU number, and a brief description of each item.
  6. Condition of Items:
    • Indication of the condition of the returned items (e.g., unused, opened but not used, damaged).
  7. Original Purchase Information:
    • Details about the original purchase, such as the date of purchase, invoice or receipt number, and the original payment method.
  8. Return Instructions:
    • Any specific instructions provided by the business regarding the return process, including packaging requirements and return shipping instructions.
  9. Signature:
    • A section for the customer's signature, confirming the accuracy of the information provided and the agreement to the return policy.
  10. Approval/Authorization:
    • A section for the business representative to approve or authorize the return request, including the issuance of an RMA number.
  11. Return Policy Terms:
    • A summary of the business's return policy, including details about return eligibility, timeframes for returns, restocking fees (if applicable), and other relevant terms and conditions.
Goods Return Forms are commonly used in retail, e-commerce, and manufacturing industries to ensure that the return process is well-documented and follows established procedures. They help businesses manage returns efficiently and maintain records for accounting, inventory management, and customer service purposes.

This ready-made Good return form Excel template is well suited for any kind of personalized logistic procedure, for keeping track of your returned Goods. The reason they are returned can be different for each item. However, the following can be registered on this Goods Return Form:

  • Supplier Code;
  • Supplier Name;
  • Address;
  • Telephone;
  • Contact Person;
  • No Item Code;
  • Item Name;
  • Quantity;
  • Reason for Returning Goods; 
  • Notes;
  • Totals;
  • Damaged Goods;
  • Duplicate Orders;
  • Incorrect Goods;
  • etc.

Communicating professionally with those customers who send their Goods in return will get your company respect and will make you more successful. Especially when you follow the dropshipping model with your website, communication regarding returned goods is very important. Please take each return seriously and follow up on it, to keep customer satisfaction high and enable future sales of other Goods.

We support you by providing this Excel Good Return Form template. Download this sample in the Excel Goods Return Form template now and save yourself precious time, cost, and effort and help you to become more successful! 

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