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How to make an effective Influencer Pitch for sponsored hotel visits? What makes a good influencer pitch for complimentary hotel stays? Download this Influencer Pitch for free hotel nights template and get your polished pitch that will impress directly.

Make sure you are properly organized and prepared and that you don't fall for the biggest influencer mistakes and make sure you spend sufficient time on your own personalized influencer pitch. If you are an influencer, and you have a growing number of followers on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, WeChat moments, etc. and your own a lifestyle website or travel blog on the internet, then make sure that you try out to promote your channel in search of a win-win with hotels, restaurants, theme parks, etc.

This pitch template has its ways to grab the receivers’ attention. The devil is in the details, and this pitch will guide you through it very effectively and efficiently.

What makes a good influencer pitch for complimentary hotel stays?

- Spend sufficient time on personalizing your pitch and don’t keep it superficial but make it engaging;
- Make an overlap in the companies values and your influencer channels values;
- Select a suitable hotel that correlates with your brand;
- Make a reservation at a great hotel and make this your first project that shows your skills and can function as a sample project for other hotels.

- What’s your name and background?
- What do you do?
- Highlight specific skills (Photography)?
- Why does that hotel interest you?
- What differentiates you and/or your channel from other influencers/media channels?
- Demographics report of your social media channel (gender, visitors, views, etc)

- How long will you stay in the area and how long do you need to stay at the hotel?
- What do you do when you are there?
- Why is the hotel suitable to host you at this destination?

- What are the estimated conversions you expect for the hotel?
- Any results from your sample project you can share.
- Include what activities/objectives you commit to delivering.

Further, it explains strategies, such as:

  • Sell it as a story;
  • Simplify through an analogy;
  • Enforce Big brands or Big names;
  • Include specific numbers;
  • Add some rhythm to the pitch.

Download and create your persuasive influencer pitch now and sent it to suitable hotels that share common values with your channel today!

After downloading and customizing the content of your own influencer pitch in every detail. This easy-to-use influencer pitch template will help you think deeper about your branding and objectives, and to structure your thoughts on every detail in a professional way!

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