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How can HR manage outsourcing agreements? Are you looking for a Human Resource Outsourcing to outsource the need for Recruiting and Hiring staff? Download this HR Outsourcing Agreement Template now!

Looking for a legal HR Outsourcing Agreement, that covers the following scope of services: recruiting and screening
competent, experienced and capable staff and dispatch staff for a specific job description within a company or organization. We provide a professional Agreement for an HR Resource Outsourcing Agreement Between Company and HR Contractor which can be used when you want to hire Staff, that includes:

  • listing all tasks an employee needs to do;
  • supervision;
  • coordination;
  • assistance;
  • office administration;
  • others.

This 10 pages HR Outsourcing Agreement covers the following articles:

Article 1 Purpose of Agreement 
Article 2 Scope of Services 
Article 3 Contract Period of Staff 
Article 4 Selection of Staff 
Article 5 Working Days and Hours 
Article 6 Compensation of Services 
Article 7 Time Keeping 
Article 8 Payment 
Article 9 Probationary Period 
Article 10 Replacement and/or Termination of Staff 
Article 11 Responsibilities of the Company 
Article 12 Responsibilities of the Contractor 
Article 13 Responsibilities of Staff 
Article 14 Insurance 
Article 15 Taxes and Duties 
Article 16 On-the-Job Accident 
Article 17 Indemnity 
Article 18 Observance of Secrecy 
Article 19 Leave 
Article 20 Discussion 
Article 21 Validity of Agreement
Article 22 Governing Law

Download this HR Outsourcing Agreement template and after downloading you can change and customize every detail and appearance and finish it in minutes and save yourself a lot of time!

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