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How to write a Sample Medical Complaint Letter? Download this Sample Medical Complaint Letter template that will perfectly suit your needs.

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Some of the factors that have been linked to patient dissatisfaction include 18 SEMINARS IN MEDICAL PRACTICE service problems (eg, difficult encounters or poor communication with the provider, rudeness of the office staff, long wait times) 6,7 , unmet patient expectations (eg, tests not done, medications not prescribed, specialty referrals refused, information not provided) 8,11 , and patient perception of provider interpersonal behavior 9 .. Possible Factors Motivating a Formal Patient Complaint M M HealthPlan Major Metropolitan Health Plan To improve health care and service 400 Market Street Bedford Hills, NY To exercise one’s civic duty to protect others from “bad doctors” To correct an error, such as an incorrect bill Beatrice Noble, MD Community Primary Care Associates 212 Fourth Street, Suite A-1 Roseland, NY Re: Hubert Baxter, MMHP member number 982375001 Dear Dr. Noble: We are charged with maintaining the quality of care for our members and as such must investigate any concerns they have about the physicians in our network.. 2 June 2001 To express frustration, outrage, or anger at a physician To gain leverage on a specific issue by using the offices of a more powerful agent To avoid confronting a physician directly about some issue To punish a physician for some wrong suffered (real or perceived) To influence others to achieve an end (eg, to obtain insurance coverage for a medical procedure) To distract attention from one’s own bad behavior (eg, an outburst of loud swearing in the waiting room) complaints it receives to find systematic problems that can be improved.. However, if a serious problem is identified (eg, substance abuse affecting clinical care, grave errors in treatment), the peer review committee is obligated to take some action, not simply because of its relationship to the MCO but because of its ethical duty to protect patients and the legal requirement to report serious problems to state licensing authorities.. Recommended Steps to Resolving

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