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This split provides enough space to show 2 lines of counts, but the proportion allocated to the bottom area should be increased to show more than 2 lines: LAYOUT LATTICE / COLUMNS = 1 ROWS = 2 ROWWEIGHTS = (.85 .15) COLUMNDATARANGE = UNIONALL Define the top area and fill with an overlay of a series plot of connecting lines and a scatter plot of error bars: LAYOUT OVERLAY / PAD = (TOP = 2 BOTTOM = 2 LEFT = 2 RIGHT = 2 ) XAXISOPTS = (LABEL = xlabel) YAXISOPTS = (LABEL = ylabel) OPAQUE = FALSE 3 SAS Global Forum 2009 Reporting and Information Visualization SERIESPLOT X = xvar Y = yvar1 / MARKERATTRS = (SIZE = 10PX) LINEATTRS = (THICKNESS = 3PX) NAME = series GROUP = group SCATTERPLOT X = xvar Y = yvar1 / YERRORUPPER = yupper1 YERRORLOWER = ylower1 MARKERATTRS = (SIZE = 10PX) GROUP = group Add horizontal reference lines, if requested: IF (yintercepta) LINEPARM X = 0 Y = yintercepta SLOPE = 0 / LINEATTRS = (PATTERN = DOT) ENDIF IF (YINTERCEPTB) LINEPARM X = 0 Y = yinterceptb SLOPE = 0 / LINEATTRS = (PATTERN = DOT) ENDIF Add a legend for the connecting lines: DISCRETELEGEND series ACROSS = BORDER = VALIGN = ENDLAYOUT / 4 FALSE TOP Define the bottom area and fill with a scatter plot of the counts as character values: LAYOUT OVERLAY / PAD = (BOTTOM = 2 LEFT = 2 RIGHT = 2 ) BORDER = FALSE WALLDISPLAY = NONE XAXISOPTS = (DISPLAY = NONE) X2AXISOPTS = (DISPLAY = NONE) Y2AXISOPTS = (DISPLAY = NONE) YAXISOPTS = (DISPLAY = (TICKVALUES)) SCATTERPLOT X = xvar Y = group / MARKERCHARACTERATTRS = (COLOR = BLACK) MARKERCHARACTER = nvar1 ENDLAYOUT ENDLAYOUT / lattice / Add the footnotes: ENTRYFOOTNOTE HALIGN = LEFT footnote ENTRYFOOTNOTE HALIGN = LEFT footnote2 ENTRYFOOTNOTE HALIGN = LEFT footnote3 ENDGRAPH END RUN CREATE THE PLOT Generate the graph, requesting the horizontal reference lines: LET pgm=v92odslineplot OPTIONS NODATE NONUMBER ORIENTATION = LANDSCAPE / --- Figure 2: Plot CHAIR as line plot with reference lines --- / TITLE ODS RTF FILE = " pgm.chair.rt

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