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How to draft an Academic Recommendation Letter? Who can write an academic letter of recommendation?

Don't reinvent the wheel when you are asked to provide a recommendation. Using a professional letter of recommendation, like this one, it's easier to start with that and will surely lead to a professional recommendation, than when you would start from scratch.

Therefore, we provide this standardized Recommendation Letter for Academic position with text and formatting as a starting point to help professionalize the way you are working. Our private, business, and legal document templates are regularly screened by professionals. If time or quality is of the essence, this ready-made template can help you to save time and to focus on the topics that really matter! 

Academic Letter of Recommendation samples:

Dear {{recipient’s name}} or To Whom it May Concern:
It is my privilege to enthusiastically recommend {{Name}} Sanchez for an internship in {{Location}} through the {{ACADEMIC PROGRAM}} program. 
I first met {{Name}} almost a year ago as an instructor of an upper-level finance course. {{He/She}} stood out in the class, which is no small accomplishment as I had … students that semester. Again, I am pleased to have her participate in another Finance class this semester. I have been impressed with her academic curiosity. 
My courses are challenging, and {{Name}} is always up to meeting or exceeding that challenge. {{He/She}} is one of my best students and it is a true pleasure to have her in class. {{He/She}} keeps my interest in the course sustained by always wanting to go beyond the confines of the text and the classroom. I have no doubts as to {{Name}}’s strong desire to participate and excel within your offering. Her minor in {{Language}} and almost seven years of {{Language}} language study will allow her to hit the ground running and provide credibility with customers and colleagues. I have observed her skills at networking with her peers and her professionalism in the classroom setting. These will serve her well in being an immediate productive asset throughout her internship.
I strongly feel {{Name}} would make a dynamic contribution to your program. {{He/She}} would be an excellent representative of the best that {{Name}} University has to offer. If you have any questions in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact me at {{Email}} or {{Phone number}}. Yours sincerely,

Dear Mr., Mrs.It is my pleasure to recommend {{Name}} for admission to {{name of program}} at {{name of university}}. I am a fifth-year Ph.D. student at the {{University}}. I came to know {{Name}} when I was her Graduate Student Instructor for Philosophy 111: Ethical Relativism, taught by Professor {{Name Professor}}. She gave a particularly interesting discussion of the difficult practice of infanticide and showed both sensitivity and detachment when discussing its ethical consequences. Her overall intelligence is also reflected in her grades for the course, which was by far the best in the class. {{Name}} has excellent communication skills. Her written work is both clear and concise, as well as interesting to read. She demonstrated her oral articulateness in the discussion sections that were an integral part of the course. Each discussion section focused on a particular ethical dilemma. Students were required to analyze morally problematic situations, and to develop and argue for their own ethical views with regard to the issue in question. {{Name}} was highly proficient in applying the course material in analyzing the problem situations. She always explained her views very concisely and gave supporting arguments that were both clear and persuasive. {{Name}} also demonstrated good teamwork skills in group assignments. At a personal level, {{Name}} is a well-disciplined, industrious student with a pleasant personality. If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Academic Programs requires applicants to provide two letters of recommendation to accompany your internship application. Institutions, like university, prefers that students provide 1) one recommendation from an academic reference such as a professor or school administrator, and 2) one recommendation from a current or previous employer. If you have not been previously employed, you can obtain a letter of recommendation from a volunteer supervisor or provide a second academic recommendation.

Academic Recommendation
Your academic recommendation letter should include comments on your class performance, your intellectual abilities, and your potential to be a successful intern. Ideally, you will want to ask a professor with whom you have successfully worked recently and who knows your Academic Programmability’s, either through
classroom interactions, conversations outside of class, or a research project that you have completed.

Some professors are willing to write recommendations for students who have done an excellent job in a large lecture class, even if there was little personal interaction. If you are applying for an internship where a foreign language will be required, have a professor write a letter attesting to your language level and comment on your potential to use the language in a professional setting.

Professional Recommendation
Your professional recommendation should come from a former employer or someone who has been a supervisor for a volunteer project in which you have participated. If possible, you will want to choose someone who has known you for a while and is familiar with your abilities, skills, and aspects of your personality, that will contribute to your prospective international internship placement.

Making your request Writing an effective recommendation takes time and effort, however, most professors and mentors are happy to do this for well-deserved students/employees. It is important to make your request well in advance—at least three or four weeks before the deadline. Meet in person, if possible. Visit your professor or former employer during office hours or by appointment. This creates an opportunity for this person to get to know you better and allows time for questions that will help when writing the recommendation. Moreover, seeing you in person will make it easier for your professor to recall previous interactions with you.

Tell this person about the internship program, why you are applying, and what you hope to learn. Then explain that two letters of recommendation are required and that you were wondering if this person would recommend you for the program. 

Some ways to word your request might be:

  • "Do you feel that you know me well enough to write a recommendation for me?"
  • "Do you think I would be a good candidate for this program and, if so, would you be willing to write a recommendation?"
  • "I'm applying for international internship placement and believe they will be interested in (ex: my performance in your class, the research I've been doing). Would you be willing to write a recommendation for me?"
When someone has agreed to help you, make the job easier by offering to e-mail him or her information about the international internship program and why you are applying. You might provide a brief description of the program and a paper or exam you wrote for the instructor's course (preferably the copy that was returned to you with comments), or a brief one-page resume.

As the deadline approaches, send the person writing your recommendation a courteous reminder. Afterward, send a brief thank-you note. Keep this person informed as to the competition proceeds. Once someone has written a recommendation letter for you, s/he will generally be willing to adapt and update the letter for other purposes in the future. It is always a good idea to keep a copy of this letter in a safe place for future use.

If your request is declined; perhaps s/he doesn't know you well enough; your academic performance in his/her class was not strong enough, or you haven't allowed adequate time. Don’t worry this is not the end of the world; it just means you need to ask someone else. In some cases, someone who declines to write a recommendation may be willing to offer suggestions for identifying others who would be more appropriate for you.

It is always wise to collect letters of recommendation from supervisors of any professional or volunteer positions you hold. After you complete your international internship, this will be a new opportunity for you to ask your supervisor for a letter of recommendation that can be used to enhance your candidacy for future applications. 

Using this type of recommendation letter template guarantees you will save time, cost, and effort! It comes in Microsoft Office format, is ready to be tailored to your personal needs. An easy way to start completing your letter is to download this Recommendation Letter sample now!

Download this Academic Letter of Recommendation template now for your own benefit!

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