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Adequate communication is essential in order to finish projects successfully. In order to gain truthful and accurate information, you need to make sure that program- or project managers are able to make rational and correct decisions. For those who have, what we call, a "high-performance mindset”, we know they prefer to work with the latest update of professional project management templates, in order to achieve their goals faster. We are certain this project template will be of value.

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Closed issues per day for a given time frame is in cells A2 through J4.,,,,, ,,,,, , ,ISSUE,TYPE,PRIORITY,OPENED ON,OPENED BY,CLOSED ON,CLOSED BY,NOTES ,1,Issue 1,Type 2,Medium,01-02-2019,James,04-02-2019,James, ,2,Issue 2,Type 2,Low,01-02-2019,Kim,01-02-2019,James, ,3,Issue 3,Type 3,Low,04-02-2019,Lilly,04-02-2019,Lilly, ,4,Issue 4,Type 1,Medium,04-02-2019,Lilly,05-02-2019,Lilly, ,5,Issue 5,Type 1,Medium,04-02-2019,James,04-02-2019,Ted, ,6,Issue 6,Type 1,Low,08-02-2019,Ted,08-02-2019,James, ,7,Issue 7,Type 1,High,08-02-2019,Kim,13-02-2019,James, ,8,Issue 8,Type 2,Medium,08-02-2019,Kim,11-02-2019,James, ,9,Issue 9,Type 3,Medium,08-02-2019,Kim,11-02-2019,Kim, ,10,Issue 10,Type 4,High,12-02-2019,Ted,12-02-2019,Lilly, ,11,Issue 11,Type 2,Medium,12-02-2019,Kim,13-02-2019,Lilly, ,12,Issue 12,Type 1,High,15-02-2019,Ted,18-02-2019,James, ,13,Issue 13,Type 2,High,20-02-2019,Kim,20-02-2019,Kim, ,14,Issue 14,Type 2,High,23-02-2019,Ted,23-02-2019,James, ,15,Issue 15,Type 2,Low,26-02-2019,James,27-02-2019,Lilly, ,16,Issue 16,Type 4,Medium,26-02-2019,Lilly,26-02-2019,James, ,17,Issue 17,Type 2,Low,26-02-2019,Ted,26-02-2019,Ted, ,18,Issue 18,Type 3,High,27-02-2019,Lilly,27-02-2019,Lilly, ,19,Issue 19,Type 2,Low,27-02-2019,Ted,27-02-2019,Lilly, ,20,Issue 20,Type 3,Low,04-03-2019,Lilly,04-03-2019,Ted, ,21,Issue 21,Type 4,Low,04-03-2019,Lilly,07-03-2019,Kim, ,22,Issue 22,Type 3,Low,04-03-2019,Ted,09-03-2019,Kim, ,23,Issue 23,Type 3,Medium,05-03-2019,Kim,05-03-2019,James, ,24,Issue 24,Type 3,Medium,05-03-2019,Lilly,05-03-2019,James, ,25,Issue 25,Type 1,High,06-03-2019,Kim,10-03-2019,Ted, ,26,Issue 26,Type 1,High,06-03-2019,Kim,08-03-2019,Kim, ,27,Issue 27,Type 1,High,06-03-2019,James,08-03-2019,Ted, ,28,Issue 28,Type 4,Low,11-03-2019,Ted,12-03-2019,James, ,29,Issue 29,Type 3,Low,12-03-2019,Kim,13-03-2019,Kim, ,30,Issue 30,Type 2,Medium,12-03-2019,Lilly,13-03-2019,Kim, ,31,Issue 31,Type 4,Medium,17-03-2019,Lilly,19-03-2019,James, ,32,Issue 32,Type 4,Low,21-03-2019,Ted,26-03-2

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