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How to manage your Cryptocurrency trades and profits? Download this Crypto Plan spreadsheet template now to make sure you follow your portfolio closely and make a profitable exit strategy.

A good trading journal keeps track of daily changes in your portfolio and registers the profits and losses you have made. Since many exchanges and crypto wallets, don't provide specific progress reports on the profits you made (in fiat or USDT/USDC/etc), this journal will help you out making a monthly overview.

This journal provides a clearer and straightforward way to manage your Crypto trading. The better you get insight, the more you will benefit from it. However, there is no need to start from scratch, and this sample trading plan provides the right tools to put all your thoughts on paper in a structured way. This Crypto Trading Plan template contains relevant content in easy Excel formatting to enable you to make the perfect trading strategy. 

This premium Crypto plan includes the following:

  • Crypto Profit Planning;
  • Ethereum Historical Chart Monthly Profit scheme (which are historically good months for Altcoins);
  • Crypto Strategy Trading Plan;
  • Crypto Lessons Learned;
  • Crypto Trading Journal;
  • Crypto Trading Patterns (reversal and continuation);
  • Wall Street Cheatsheet explains the psychology of a market cycle;
  • Referral links with free start capital to get a headstart on Wallets and Exchange.

Common mistakes by crypto newbies:

  • Not making a profit & crypto trading plan with feasible goals and exit strategy;
  • Start using your own trading directly with real money;
  • Not necessarily blunt follow a successful trader, that is not the easiest way;
  • Don't invest all your money at once in the beginning;
  • Study the market and stock.

Don't invest all your money at once in the beginning without making proper planning. Our private document templates are regularly screened by professionals, in this case, it's created by day traders with expertise in the field. If you are looking for a way into crypto, this ready-made template can help you to save time and focus on the topics that really matter!

Using this Crypto Plan provides an easy way to save time and effort! It comes in Microsoft Office format and is ready to be tailored to your personal needs. Completing your document has never been easier!

Download this Crypto Professionals Plan template now for your own benefit!

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