Letter of Intent to Purchase a Business

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How to propose a Letter of Intent to Purchase a Business? What a letter of intent should include? Download this Letter of Intent to Purchase a Business now!

This is a useful sample of a standard Letter of Intent (LOI) to Purchase a Business template that covers the important subjects and will help you to structure and communicate in a professional way with the current business owners, in order to take over their business.

Letter of Intent to Purchase a Business

This letter confirms your and our mutual intentions with respect to the potential transaction described herein between [NAME OF BUYER] (“Buyer”) and [NAME OF SELLER] (“Seller”).

We envisage that the principal terms of the proposed transaction would be substantial as follows:

(a) Business to be Acquired; Liabilities to be Assumed; We would acquire substantially all of the assets, tangible and intangible, owned by Seller that are used in, or necessary for the conduct of, its BUSINESS TYPE business, including, without limitation: 

(i) the MAIN PRODUCT/SERVICES, subject to any obligations contained in disclosed license agreements and all related intellectual property;
(ii) the fixed assets of Seller, 
(iii) any and all customer lists; and
(iv) the goodwill associated therewith, all free and clear of any security interests, mortgages or other encumbrances.

(b) Consideration; The aggregate consideration for the assets and business to be purchased would be [AMOUNT]; provided, however, that the working capital (current assets less current liabilities) of the business to be purchased equals or exceeds [AMOUNT], as shown on a closing date balance sheet prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

(c) Due Diligence Review; Promptly following the execution of this letter of intent, you will allow us to complete our examination of your financial, accounting and business records and the contracts and other legal documents and generally to complete due diligence. Any information obtained by us as a result thereof will be maintained by us in confidence subject to the terms of the Confidentiality Agreement executed by the parties and dated [DATE] (the “Confidentiality Agreement”). The parties will cooperate to complete due diligence expeditiously.
(d) Conduct in Ordinary Course; In addition to the conditions discussed herein and any others to be contained in a definitive written purchase agreement (the “Purchase Agreement”), the consummation of the acquisition would be subject to having conducted your business in the ordinary course during the period between the date hereof and the date of closing and there has been no material adverse change in your business, financial condition or prospects.
(e) Definitive Purchase Agreement; All of the terms and conditions of the proposed transaction would be stated in the Purchase Agreement, to be negotiated, agreed and executed by you and us. Neither party intends to be bound by any oral or written statements or correspondence concerning the Purchase Agreement arising during the course of negotiations, notwithstanding that the same may be expressed in terms signifying a partial, preliminary or interim agreement between ...

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