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Johnson, Lead Scientist Date: 12/4/07 Year 1 11/0610/07 Approved Budget Year 2 11/07- Year 3 11/0810/08 10/09 TOTAL ALL YEARS PERSONNEL: Salaries Fringe 321,041.00 435,581.00 446,332.00 1,202,954.00 DIRECT COSTS Equipment Supplies Travel Subcontract (999 University) 95,000.00 93,000.00 54,000.00 13,900.00 95,790.00 55,620.00 16,892.00 98,664.00 57,288.00 16,892.00 95,000.00 287,454.00 166,908.00 47,684.00 TOTAL 576,941.00 603,883.00 619,176.00 1,800,000.00 Year 1 (Reported Actual) Year 2 Year 3 11/06-10/07 11/07-10/08 11/08-10/09 Revised Budget (Requested) ADJUSTED TOTAL ALL YEARS PERSONNEL: Salaries Fringe 32,869.03 491,090.97 531,109.00 1,055,069.00 DIRECT COSTS Equipment Supplies Travel Subcontract (999 University) Subcontract (YYY University) Subcontract (ZZZ University) 46,680.00 31,009.60 10,435.96 47,949.15 58,296.53 35,854.74 48,320.00 35,790.00 15,620.00 53,062.03 62,509.97 40,170.00 42,110.00 19,288.00 41,839.02 69,664.00 46,332.00 95,000.00 108,909.60 45,343.96 142,850.20 190,470.50 122,356.74 263,095.01 746,562.97 40,000.00 790,342.02 40,000.00 1,800,000.00 CARRYOVER FUND BALANCE (+) 920,385.40 PAYMENTS NOT YET RECEIVED FROM JSMF (+) 619,176.00 REVENUE (ADJUSTED) 1,539,561.40 REVISED BUDGET TOTALS (YRS 2 3) Unbudgeted (grant payment stock sale benefit) 1,536,904.99 2,656.41 Meetings Reasons for underexpenditure in Year 1: Personnel: There was a significant unexpended carryover balance for one collaborator as a result of difficulties in recruiting qualified research associates in Year 1..

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