Top 10 Webshop templates for Webshop owners!

Are you a webshop owner and looking for the best business templates to help you improve your online empire? Have a look at our top 10 webshop templates for webshop owners below!

We provide a set of 10 professional webshop templates, related to:

  • how to improve the introduction of your webshop and products?
  • how to improve the strategic and digital marketing side of your webshop?
  • how to manage digital content planning and to protect your intellectual property rights?
  • how to improve marketing distribution channels?
  • how to protect yourself from liability issues when you are drop shipping?
  • etc.
As you can see, these free or premium templates will help you further to professionalize your way of communication within your team and with customers, suppliers and with other stakeholders. 

Top 10 Webshop templates, we go:

#10 Press release
Every now and then you want to launch a new product on your webshop and put some extra attention to it. Providing a press release of your new product will help you promote it. Search for online media that will be happy to release it and support your business.
template preview imagePower Point Press release Social media

Power Point Press release Social media

Download this Press release Power Point template Social media template and after downloading you can craft and customize every detail of its appearance very quickly.

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#9 Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
An NDA protects you from information that you need to keep secret. It's common to sign NDA's with parties, such as suppliers, forwarders, business partners, distributors, etc. Once an NDA is signed, the chance confidential information is out in the open is very small, which will help you in your success of your webshop. 
template preview imageNon Disclosure Agreement Template

Non Disclosure Agreement Template

How can you draft a basic non-disclosure agreement? What is the significance of a non-disclosure agreement? Download our template which provides a clear and comprehensive agreement between two parties, protecting confidential information from disclosure.

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#8 E-book template
E-books are very successful tools to provide free gifts to your webshop visitors, create bonding with your visitors and potential customers, and let them know you are professional in your field. Therefore we recommend each webshop owner who wants to create more bonding with his audience, to download and write a customized Ebook, especially for your market.
template preview imageEbook Template

Ebook Template

Searching for a pre-designed eBook template? How to use the ebook layout template? Download this template that is easy to use and customize. Get this template now and start your Ebook layout!

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#7 Freelance Online Content Writer Agreement
This is a very useful legal template for Webshop owners that occasionally need to hire external freelancers to help them writing blog posts or attractive product descriptions. It's recommended to make such an agreement with each freelancer you are hiring, to manage the Intellectual property rights, mutually agreeing it's a freelance work relationship, 
template preview imageFreelance Online Content Writer Agreement template

Freelance Online Content Writer Agreement template

Are you looking for freelance blog or article writers to write your new content for your website? Download this Freelance content writer agreement now!

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#6 Social Media Audit Plan
This effective Social Media Audit is providing webshop owners with a blueprint how to bring your social media strategy to a higher level. A structured approach will be the best way to improve your social media exposure and success of your webshop. 
template preview imageSocial Media Audit Plan in 6 steps

Social Media Audit Plan in 6 steps

How well is your company performing in Social Media? How to do a Social Media Marketing (SMM) Audit Plan? Find answers to these questions and downloading our SMM Audit Plan template will help you analyze your current social media presence.

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#5 SWOT Analysis
SWOT is a respected tool to find your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. However, please note thPlease note this is not the average SWOT analysis tool, but it's an improved model that enables you to make a quick analysis how to improve your webshop strategy, and how to deal with it: "attack", "defend", "strengthen" or "solve". 2 unique SWOT analysis in 1 template!
template preview imageSWOT Analysis Template

SWOT Analysis Template

How to make a SWOT analysis of your company or your project? Download this SWOT Analysis excel template and customize it's details and appearance and finish it within minutes.

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#4 Responsibility Matrix (RACI) 
RACI is a famous matrix that provides you with a structure to work out all roles and responsibilities in all your online and offline webshop process. It gives you a quick summary of the most important business processes. This sounds complicated, but actually, once you understand the RACI principle, you will see it's very easy to improve and smoothen the delivery of your products to your customers.
template preview imageRACI Template with Instructions

RACI Template with Instructions

How to make a RACI matrix in Excel? Download this Responsibility Matrix RACI template with instructions how to make a RACI matrix and finish in minutes!

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#3 Digital Marketing Strategy Plan
For those webshop owners who look for a specific digital marketing plan, this template can be very useful. It brings structure to your ideas, which can be very stimulating!
template preview imageDigital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you looking for a professional layout of how a Digital Marketing Strategy plan should look like? Download this Digital Marketing Strategy plan template now!

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#2 Drop Shipping Agreement template
Drop shipping is hotter than ever amongst webshop owners! And drop shipping creates great opportunities for creative people that know how to set up a website. Although this model might be one of the most favorite online business models at the moment, it still has some liability issues that people are not aware of. Therefore having a Drop shipping agreement signed with your suppliers, provides you with the protection you need.
template preview imageDrop Shipping Agreement Template

Drop Shipping Agreement Template

Why do you need a Drop Shipping Agreement? Always work with this Drop Shipping Agreement template when you start Drop shipping! Discuss with your Supplier and download this Dropship Agreement

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#1 Business Model Canvas
A worthy numero uno! This famous business model is a strong strategic template that makes you think of all possibilities and activities that are important for now and in the future to execute! Therefore it's suitable for every webshop start-up or web-entrepreneur that is looking for food for thought!
template preview imageBusiness Model Canvas Poster A3

Business Model Canvas Poster A3

How to write down a business plan? Download this Business Model Canvas Poster A3 template and after downloading you can craft and customize every detail of its appearance very quickly.

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Our templates are famous amongst webshop and website owners. For those who make the biggest impacts, have, what we call, a "high-performance mindset” and are often using professional templates to achieve their goals faster!

Using these Online shop template guarantees you will save lots of time, cost and efforts, and surely help you in making your online empire more successful! Try out our online shop templates, forms, and contracts today. Download the webshop template, fill-In the blanks, print …and done!


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