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How to write a speech for a funeral? Are you looking for a beautiful eulogy or funeral speech to show respect to the person you love? Have a look at this example eulogy for a friend.

This example eulogy covers the most important topics that you are looking for and will help you to structure and communicate in a professional manner with those involved. 

Beautiful eulogy or funeral speech:

Brother was the most faithful person I have known, and with whom I have labored, during these thirty-eight years of my ministry, has been called into higher and happier service. His mortal breath ceased Wednesday, May 4th, 1949 at 11:15 a.m.

His humble, yet brave spirit took its flight to realms of peace and laid back the sheet that
covered his peaceful face, and said, "Here lies one of the truest friends I ever had."

We have walked and worked together for nearly twenty years. First Brother was
faithful to his Lord. He loved the God he worshiped. He loved the Lord's house where the
church of Christ assembled. He loved his brethren with whom he labored. He loved and
stood by his pastor, in all of our church life and missionary endeavor. He was literally a
founding Father of the Freeland Baptist Church and a staunch supporter of the Delta Ave.
Mission and the Negro Mission that was organized into the Third Baptist Church (Col.).

Brother was a faithful patriot. He was one of the best-informed men in our church and community on the history and trends of political life. He knew the dependable men of
his city. He held in utter contempt every traitor of truth and integrity. Brother was
a faithful husband and father. He was a gentleman in his home. He was congenial, yet
firm in his home life. He was gracious in the reception of visitors, and entertained them with a radiant glow of Christian courtesy.

We'll miss him more as the days lengthen the shadows of his passing. We'll miss him at
church, at the meetings, where he was chairman. We'll miss him in the community, in our city, and most of all in that home of his lovely family. His family rises up to call him blessed.

Recollection: One of my prominent memories of Papa was his reverse integration
of the city buses in Nashville, Tenn. Whenever he and I took the bus together, which was
fairly often, we always sat in the rear of the bus in the "colored" section with the African
American passengers rather than with the other passengers in the "whites only" section of 

His mortal breath ceased. His humble, yet brave spirit took its flight to realms of peace and laid back the sheet that covered his peaceful face, and said, "Here lies one of the truest friends I ever had."

Consider the following components when you are drafting your eulogy for a funeral speech: 

  • Acknowledge the loss and refer to the deceased by name;
  • Express your sympathy;
  • Note any special qualities of the deceased that come to mind;
  • Include your favorite memory of the deceased;
  • Remind the bereaved of their personal strengths or special qualities;
  • Offer help, but make sure it is a specific offer;
  • End the letter with a thoughtful word, a hope, a wish, or expression of sympathy e.g. "You are in my thoughts" or “Wishing you God’s peace.” 
  • Closing such as „Sincerely,” „love,” or „fondly,” isn’t quite as personal.

Feel free to download this intuitive example eulogy that is available in several kinds of formats, or try any other of our basic or advanced templates, forms, or documents.

Download this eulogy or funeral words template and save yourself time. We wish you strength.

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