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How to create a Quality Inspection? Have a look at this Quality Management template and customize it according to your needs. Are you looking for a professional Quality Inspection? 

This Quality Inspection report covers the most important topics that you are looking for and will help you to structure and communicate in a professional manner with those involved. 

have a minimum of a 1/4" (6 mm) radius 4 Do all top and bottom edges of straightedge profiles have a minimum of 1/16" radius (1.5 mm) or chamfer 5 Do all outside corners have a minimum 1/8" (3 mm) radius Cutout Requirements: 6 Are cooktop and sink cutout corners radiused with a minimum allowable radius of 3/16" (5 mm) 7 If a square cutout is used, has the inspector assured that the cut does not extend past the cutout perimeter 8 If cutouts (electrical outlets) extend past the cutout perimeter are they filled with adhesive 9 Is there at least 1/8" (3 mm) clearance space on all sides to allow for cooktop/sink expansion 10 Are cutouts supported within 3" (7.5 cm), of the cutout edge 11 Are stainless steel or lavatory undermount sinks supported with clips or cradles 12 Are all non stainless steels sinks supported with cradles Intallation General Requirements: 13 Is this an interior installation 14 Are tops of cabinets flat and true to within 1/8" (3 mm) over a 118" (3 m) length 15 Is the maximum visible gap 1/8" of clearance between Zodiaq® countertops and the walls 16 Are tops properly adhered using flexible adhesive to support material 17 If inserts are used are they insert and glue type Installation Support Requirements: 18 For structures with 26" (66 cm) depth, is there continuous perimeter support 19 For structures with 26" (66 cm) depth, is there continuous perimeter support and additional front to back support every 36" 20 For structures with support on three (3) sides is there proper support 21 For overhangs exceeding 12" (30 cm) for 2 cm product, and 15" (38 cm) for 3 cm product is there proper support 22 For half walls, knee walls, pony wall overhangs is there proper support 23 Has only acceptable support material (MDF, plywood, structural steel, or wood) been used Installation Seam Requirements: 24 Are all field seams color matched using a DuPont approved adhesive 25 Are all field seams filled through the entire seam thickness 26 

Feel free to download this intuitive template that is available in several kinds of formats, or try any other of our basic or advanced templates, forms or documents. Don't reinvent the wheel every time you start something new... 
This quality template is based on international standards and provides an example on how to write policies and procedures that together will form your Quality Management System (QMS). The size and complexity of your organization and its individual processes will determine if this Quality Inspection is useful for your organization. It will support and improve the existing Quality Management System works and controls that are already in place to manage each process. It demonstrates the commitment to meeting your customer expectations’ by delivering quality products and/or services.

By implementing this Quality Inspection in your organization, you will improve your compliance with Quality Management Systems and standards, such as ISO 9001. A Quality Management System in its basic concept is not too complicated. Many organizations are struggling with the idea they are required to implement a lot of bureaucratic documents and protocols and ask themselves, whether or not it’s worth trying to develop such a seemingly complicated system.

It is not necessarily a complicated system that is needed. Guidance on having clear and concise communication throughout the organization’s documents and between departments does also not have to be elaborated. It’s important that you can set expectations from both management and employees and you follow a framework, such as ISO 9001, in order to prevent making it too complicated and ensuring you have an integrated solution for the whole company. 

Download this Quality Inspection now and you will find out it’s very helpful for your company to improve the quality level by measuring, monitoring, and reporting about the performance of the business processes and gradually improve the company output. Other primary quality control tools, such as: checklists, fishbone diagrams, control charts, manuals, charts, reports, histograms, can be found here: Quality Management Templates.

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Quality Management Templates

These quality templates are based on international standards and provides and help to write quality policies and procedures

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